Executive search

Many concepts have various names, and executive search is no exception. You may find the area referred to as headhunting and search. Regardless of the name, they all cover the scenario of a candidate being contacted unsolicited without him/her having shown any prior interest in a job change.

The executive search concept is often primarily associated with the recruitment of board members, executive boards and functional directors and, in certain contexts, also strategic key persons.

Within the executive search industry, each consultant typically specialises in a specific industry and thus has in-depth knowledge of a large number of the industry's stakeholders and dynamics. Additionally, the executive search companies may undertake international tasks – either by recruiting foreign candidates for Danish companies or by assisting foreign companies with recruitments in Denmark. A small number of executive search companies also offer Management Audit as one of their services.

In spite of common characteristics, there are vast differences within the industry, especially when it comes to selection and assessment of the individual candidates for a position. One example is the use of documenting selections tools which are still only used to a limited degree within the executive search industry.

The established executive search industry in Denmark consists of relatively few players.